Unicorn Face Mask With Filter Pocket
Unicorn Face Mask With Filter Pocket
Unicorn Face Mask With Filter Pocket
Unicorn Face Mask With Filter Pocket

Unicorn Face Mask With Filter Pocket

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Face Mask, Jersey Cotton alternative covering with elastic ear bands.
I do my best to match the Ear bands to the material, however; due to limited availability they may vary from pictured.

This is a brand new handmade cotton face mask with 2 layers of breathable fabric.

The inside lining is left open to allow for inserting other filters, more layers of fabric, or whatever you desire based on your own comfort.

The contours of the mask provide maximum comfort especially for those that wear glasses, this cut ensures no fog on those glasses lenses.

This mask style sits comfortably along the cheekbones and high up across the bridge of the nose, cradling the chin and resting at the edge of the jaw line.

Elastic bands perfect for looping comfortably over the ears.

Full coverage from ear to ear, bridge of nose to under the chin.

These masks are fully washable.

To wear, simply place one loop over each ear, with the "pointy" side of the mask upwards across the bridge of the nose. Wiggle and shimmy the fabric around your facial structure to adjust the most comfortable fit for you.

Coming soon:
Funky designs in donuts, rainbows, mermaids, pinks and blues, leopard print, pink tie dye, velvet, dark goth patterns and iridescent magical styles. Something for everyone.

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*NOTE: Donation mask will be in a pattern selected by me due to selection option restrictions on the listing and also due to quantities constantly changing.

If you choose to donate, your donated masks will be gifted directly to a local human in need in the city of Pittsburgh, OR, in notes at checkout, or in a personal message please specify *ship donations to me* if you choose to distribute them to needy folks or healthcare workers etc.

NOTE: If you are a human in need, please send me a message if you need a mask.