Sexual health and chronic illness

Sexual health and chronic illness.

Taboo subject, right? Well it shouldn't be. Intimacy may be the absolute last thing on your mind, especially on those days that just holding your head up, or staying awake seems like it took all your energy. 

But it shouldn't be something we're afraid to talk about.
Trust me, I did a ton of (unnecessary) apologizing to my hubby in the first months, ok years after being dx with fibromyalgia and then rheumatoid arthritis, and some other things. Add in not one, but two more babies and ya, my'desire' went all but down the tubes.
It had nothing to do with him and everything to do with my own struggling, weight gain, sheer exhaustion and feeling completely unsexy.
None of that due to lack of effort on his part I assure you. But 'the mood', just rarely struck me. I felt plain shitty a good deal of the time.
A lot of that improved over time. I got more active, babies got older, I tried and quit different meds. Finally I got to a point where sex wasn't a 'chore' anymore, it was something I looked forward to again!
About a month ago I entered a giveaway @badexamplespodcast by @tracydimarcoeps and @jesshottie were hosting prize pack of 'guilty pleasures'. I did it just for fun, but I'm apparently on this winning streak, and about two weeks ago, this @docjohnsonusa GIANT BOX arrived on my back porch.
They sure didn't hold back on the gifts! I wanted to post straight away, but i decided I should try out what they sent before endorsing. Let me just say, not one of their products disappointed. Not a single one.
Now, I'm really lucky to be with someone, sure enough of himself and our relationship, that the thought of these ' toys' not only didn't freak him out, but he was excited to try... yes guys, there was stuff in there for both of us!
I'm not going to get into graphic details but OMG!
If you have any questions, please feel free to dm, or email me and I'll answer any questions you may have about THE PRODUCTS or how I got my mojo back.
If you dm me something lude, you will be blocked. 🤬
Let's keep this positive!
We're all (almost) adults here.


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