Humira, Rheumatoid Arthritis and T-Shirts? 10/06/2018

I had my second #Humira injection yesterday. This may come as a shock to some of you, or have some of you wondering ‘what does this have to do with positivity or motivation? It also seems to be completely unrelated to t shirts and the apparel/accessories I design. I assure you they are connected. This is just the beginning of my Humira story, but is not the beginning of my struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I have heard the words struggle, hustle, storytelling, marketing, passion and purpose thrown around so much, I began to confuse myself. I started wondering what is my purpose? How does this relate to an apparel brand? Why did I choose the name I did? How does it all tie together?  I questioned myself so much that I got myself stuck! I talked myself out of my purpose like it wasn’t a “good enough” reason. I finally realized that I have the best reason ever! I’m determined to show other women and men that are in my position and more importantly in the position I was in back in 2011 at the time of my initial diagnosis – which was ‘what now?’ I felt like I had lost almost everything in a matter of minutes. My health, my career, my independence, my ability to be a good mother – all-gone-in-mere-minutes – to not one, but three awful illnesses that were diagnosed to be with me forever! I’m sharing, and building, and creating because I can! I want to show others from the ‘beginning’ that they can too! Is it easy? Hell NO! But is it worth it? Fuck Yes!

I’m here to do more, be more and teach more, and to support others on their way too!

I was honestly afraid to share about my illness. Not because I’m ashamed, I’m not; but as my illness can be unpredictable, sometimes it interferes with my ability to ‘keep up’. I’ve learned and am still learning how to adjust lead times for items, quotes etc. I’m not unreliable, but my body sure can be at times. That’s when I take my breaks. These are all essential parts of growing a business, having a chronic illness or not – it’s just my body now gives me less than subtle clues to chill the F out!

I also didn’t want this to seem like a pity part or a brag fest – it’s neither. It’s simply my story and how I’m #crushingitmyway  and how I #passthepositivity.


  • You go gurl!!!

  • Knowing what others experience, helps with our experience


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