Confession Time!

Ok guys, so I need to confess something. I've been feeling pretty crappy most of the past few months. Germs, weather, symptoms. ⠀
Right before and during this I got some sage but conflicting advice about what I should be doing with my social media and tips about what I can do to improve! It was/ is all great, I got super excited, I started an overhaul and then I fell into THAT TRAP. ⠀
You know the one I'm talking about. The perfectionist trap. Instead of making consistent content and gradually improving, I wanted to make all the content the best ever. And guess what?! I AUTOMATICALLY FAILED!!!⠀
YEP! ⠀
I said it. I failed. I stopped being consistent. I blamed it all on my illness. And while that's greatly to blame. It takes 5-10 minutes to write a post. I'm not going to make the best ANYTHING, if I'M not creating, and neither are you. ⠀
So my lighting, copy, and timing may be off. Who cares? Each post is a chance to get better a little at a time. Some days i'm too fatigued or in pain to even think straight. But I can still pop in to say 'hi', I'm still here, even if it's not the ideal post I'd like it to be. ⠀
So thank you to all of you for your patience with me while I figure this out and take my own advice... progression is always better than perfection, and actually attainable too. ⠀
If you read all the way through this, let's discuss your thoughts in the comments!⠀

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  • Great Blog!!! I suffer with daily pain and I push through and post because I want to be consistent and I really want to help women. I took Evan Carmichael’s advice and I worry less about edits and more about my message. Some days I think that I look not so great and I think that I can’t possibly post that and I post it anyway. Thank you for sharing Posh! ❤️🤗❤️

    Debbie Lovin’Deb

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